19th March 2020
Dear Members
In light of the restrictions from the Federal Government regarding the COVID-19 virus and out of respect and consideration for our aged and ill members, the Committee has made the decision to cancel all future club events until further notice. This includes the run on Sunday 22 March to RM Williams and the Military Collection. The AGM will be deferred which means there will be no meeting next Wednesday 25 March. The Register club runs in May will also be deferred.
Many other car clubs have made similar decisions.
The decision has also been made to cancel the National Rally in Berri for which you will receive a separate email.
The Committee thanks you for your understanding at this time and as more information develops, we will ensure you are kept informed of the Register's future activities.  
If you have any concerns or would like further clarification please contact the President on 0427 010616.
Kind regards
Valerie Beatty
President on behalf of the Morris Register of SA Committee
































































To all entrants, the logo, which I think was meant to represent a Riverland Orange, unfortunately it also represents the setting sun. The sun setting on our Rally. 

In our wildest dreams, no one could have come up with this scenario, except Dan Brown, author of the “Da Vinci Code”. Two days ago, I was reading another of his books, The Inferno, Quote “His essay essentially declared that the human race was on the brink of extinction, unless we had a catastrophic event that precipitously decreased global population growth, our species would not survive another 100 tears”. End Quote.

Luckily that is not happening, although the Covid-19 virus is prevalent, it is not fatal to the majority of people.

Enough of the gloom, we will be sending out your Rally bags in the next couple of weeks, also cheques covering your meal costs will be sent out. We are just waiting for some more cheque books. So, it might be a couple of weeks before you receive the cheque. Unfortunately, with a finance system that requires two signatures we cannot do an electronic transfer.

Apart from the Rally Bags, we also have some other mementos of the rally to give out, because of their size, these will be sent to each of states club, to be collected when meetings restart.

I have been getting feedback from some people regarding the refund of their deposits, this now seems to have sorted itself out and deposits are being returned if requested. Refund from the caravan park may take a couple of days, as they have a limit on their EFTPOS transactions.

As to the Rally, there will not be a rescheduled Rally in South Australia next year. But every year the South Australian Register has a long weekend away, given the current restrictions we don’t know when this will be, but when and if, we could possibly invite interstate participants.

To all of you that have emailed me or other committee members I trust that we were able to answer your questions, also thank you to those who sent commiserations.

The one bonus for me, as someone who is not comfortable addressing a large group, I don’t have to give a chairman’s speech.
Ian S Ryrie,


Photos from the 2012 Port Pirie Rally hosted by the Morris Register of SA