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Club Memorabilia

We have the following club merchandise for sale. Please see the Treasurer if you are interested.
Decals / Transfers

70mm high. Three colours. For attaching inside your windscreen

Cost: $2.00 each

Decal - transfers (1).jpg

Bumper Car Badge

75mm diameter.

Three colour enameled badges with two mounting holes.

Cost $20.00 each

Bumper Badge 2 Hole.jpg

Lapel Badge

25mm diameter.

Three colour enameled badge with gold trim and lettering

Cost $5.00 each

Limited supply

Lapel Badge 1.jpg

Cloth Badge

75mm diameter.

Three colour embroidered badges ready to stitch onto your garments.

Cost $7.50 each

Cloth Badge (1).jpg

Number Plate Surround

Number Plate Surrounds.jpg
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