Following recent government announcements, the decision has been made to temporarily suspend Morris Register of SA events effective from 19th of March 2020. The Morris Register of SA will continue to be guided by the advice of SA Health and the Australian Government. 


The AGM will be held at the Kilburn Community Hall, 49 LeHunte St., Kilburn on Thursday 30th July at 8.00pm. 

Tea and coffee will be available but our COVID-Safe plan recommends we do not have a shared supper. 

Constitution amendment to be proposed:

"at all Committee meetings eight (8) officers shall constitute a quorum but in a case where only eight (8) officers are present a unanimous decision must be found to validate a majority vote for all of the Committee."

As the Committee will be preparing the hall from 7.30 pm we ask that you do not enter before being invited to do so.

2020 Adelaide Heritage Vehicle Run

Sunday November 8 2020
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