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These two blokes got carried away by the atmosphere on a recent SA Morris Register Sunday Run.

They couldn't help themselves and burst forth into song.

Seemingly they'd both learnt the song "Floral Dance / Cornish Floral Dance "

No-one threw money but no-one asked them to stop either.



The images of a beautiful Morris Minor 1000 were sent to our website and taken recently on an estate in the south of England. They were aptly labelled "England's Finest"

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Photos sent to the website from the UK. The owner is trying to track down it's Australian history, particularly it's date of first registration. It was assembled in Australia from a Completely Knocked Down kit. Any suggestions via the website email would be welcomed and we will pass them on.










This morning when I opened Facebook, I was greeted with a photo of Maybeline (my old Series Y ute) sitting on the transporter vehicle that took her to her new home in Bega. I guess she hit speeds she’d never dreamed of on the trip over there. Her new mum didn’t waste any time introducing her to her new friends and their dogs in Bega Heritage Motor Club. The day after arrival she was tempting creek crossings in the hills beyond Bega. Mum Rhonda and her have been wooing the crowds wherever they go.                                                                                        

Why shouldn’t they? Maybeline’s one of a very special kind. Very few of the kind still remaining in Australia.  She hit the headlines of the Bega newspaper two-page colour spread.

Maybeline’s attended so many shows, one of note at her hometown where she carried a huge Australian icon. A huge jar of Vegemite. She and Rhonda took out a prize at another show where they had to dress to a year in the past. Being a 1940’s number, and a vehicle the type the UK military often used, they both dressed in military attire, and took out the prize for their category a couple of other outings, Bright light Bega run and Classic Yass run  2018

Actually, we are lucky she and her brothers and sisters are still alive following last year’s bushfires that surrounded her home, and destroyed so many homes around her.

“Hi daddy Barry I'm back on the road again with new tyres and two new tie rod ends. I wander a little but still so much better than before. They are going to take me to get a wheel alignment. New tyres (ouch they were a bit exy), new rear upright of the seat*, brakes done, handbrake now works too 🙂 revarnished the tray, new radiator, recon the gearbox, no more jumping out of second, but need another wheel alignment as she still has a mind of her own on the highways ... so too scary to go over 70kmh. I was going to Nimmitabel Show this Saturday but it's been cancelled because of threat of fires again  As I sit here, I am getting showered in white powdery ash”


Maybeline’s seating position of hunched over the steering wheel, elbows tucked in didn’t suit Rhonda, so after a couple of goes at re-padding the backrest, Rhonda and Stan can be a little more at ease when driving her. (Not guaranteed.)  Maybeline’s gone to a very loving caring home, but as mentioned before, I was more than concerned when the second bushfire moved dangerously close to the farm on “The Sapphire Coast” where Maybeline lives these days, but thankfully, they were spared, and they can now get out and about again after COVID-19 regulations approve massed gatherings.

 She’s come a long way since she first arrived at “Chateau Booth” back in 1993. Someday we hope to Visit Maybeline in her new home, but that will have to wait until all border crossings are well and truly opened.

Barry Booth

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