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Do you remember that pop song from years ago which began with the line
“take me for a ride in your Mac truck”.
Well down at the Mt Gambier Veteran Vintage and Classic Car Club annual rally
last weekend, (14,15 October) we were singing a variation, “take me for a ride
in your truck Mac”.
The “Mac” we were referring to was local resident Colin MacDonald, who with
his wife Glenys are members of the MGVVCC and also members of the Morris
Register of SA.
Colin has been involved with large trucks all his working life and he and Glenys
attended the rally with their recently restored 1971 Atkinson Prime Mover.
It is a beautiful unit and justifiably was voted the winner of the Shannon’s
Insurance trophy.
I personally thought it might also collect the people’s choice award for “the
vehicle you would most like to steal” category.
It would not be easy to drive home however unless you had a heavy-duty truck
licence !!! … and I would not relish the time it would take to wash and polish
the brute !!!
Diana and I, plus Jim and Jacqui Pearce and Geoff and Hellina Barnes attended
the rally, and despite the weather being a little damp occasionally everyone
had a great time. The Mount Gambier Club members are most welcoming, and
we got to see an incredible private collection of amazing vehicles on one of the
runs as well.
The “in house” catering was, as usual, exceptional, we all decided to start a
diet, but not until we got back home.
But back to “a ride in the truck Mac”, Colin offered to take us all for a spin
around the block, (some needed a ladder to get up into the cabin), but once
ensconced in the sprung passenger’s seat the view was amazing.
Colin and Glenys also own a Series 1 Morris 8/40 and will be attending the next
Morris Registers National Rally in Shepparton next April, together with their
son Jamie. We look forward to catching up with them again there.

McDonald Truck.JPG
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